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Consultation Fees

Brief Consultation $65.00 Telephone Consultation

less than 5 mins < 6 mins $50.00

Standard Consultation $ 87.00 > 6mins $70.00

1-2 simple matters

approx. 15mins

Long Consultation $ 125.00


Extended Consultation $160.00

30mins +

Public Holiday

Standard Consultation $108.00

Long Consultation $145.00

Billing Policy

We are a mixed billing practice. We are not a bulk billing practice.

Monday to Friday - We bulk bill DVA, Pension and Health Care card Holders only for standard consultation.

Fees may apply for special services such as procedures, skin checks, dressings, vaccinations etc.

For all other consultations a fee will apply.

Accounts are to be paid on the day of consultation.

Outstanding accounts may incur a late payment fee.

From 1st September 2022

Children u 16yo who are NOT a current pension or health care card holder will be charged a discounted fee.

* Please note: There is no bulk billing on weekends and public holidays.


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