Point Lonsdale Medical Group offer a diverse range of health care services to ensure the continued health and well-being of our patients.

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Advanced Care Planning

Advance Care Planning is a process for making and writing down future health care wishes in advance if you become seriously ill and are unable to make or communicate those preferences for yourself.

The Advanced Care Directive can record your values, life goals and preferred outcomes, or directions about care and treatments. It includes appointing a Medical Enduring Power of Attorney and a statement of your choices, and will guide your family and doctor when making medical decisions on your behalf.

Point Lonsdale Medical Group has an Advanced Care Planning nurse who regularly attends our clinic to assist our patients who require help planning for the future and making advanced care directives. 


Point Lonsdale Medical Group is a family friendly medical centre and all our doctors are experienced in delivering high quality care for your child.  Some of our doctors have also attained an additional post graduate diploma in Child Health.


Our doctors care for all ages of children from birth onwards. We provide 6 week post natal checks for mothers and babies and encourage you to bring in your baby's Green book (Health & Development Book) to keep us updated on growth patterns and to record immunisations.

Chronic Health Management



All Point Lonsdale Medical Group doctors, in conjunction with our Care Plan Nurses, provide GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements for patients with chronic medical conditions. They form a framework for agreeing on management goals with individual patients and identifying actions to be taken by patients. These goals are then reviewed with the patient each 3 to 6 months.




Our GP’s are trained in caring for people with psychological and mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety and situational difficulties. They will ensure our patients receive the full support, guidance and understanding they require. Where required, they are also able to refer patients to extra service providers who are able to assist with counselling requirements 

NOTE: Psychology consultations can be considerably subsidised through a mental health care programme arranged by your GP.

Men’s Health

Our doctors at Point Lonsdale Medical Group recognise that prevention is vital to improve men’s health outcomes. We understand the physical and psychosocial issues surrounding men’s health and provide a level of sensitivity that will enable men to deal with medical concerns with care and privacy. 
Point Lonsdale Medical Group encourages all male patients to undertake regular preventative measures, such as cholesterol and PSA checks, to ensure continued good health.

Nursing Homes and Home Visits

The doctors regularly visit nursing homes and are committed to providing quality care to residents.

Home visits are provided by all the doctors when necessary.

Australian Clinical Labs

We have an onsite pathology collection service available in the practice: 

Hours: Monday to Friday - 8.00am to 1.00pm

Phone: 03 52580852 

No appointment required.



Preventative Medicine 

We aim to prevent the development of serious illnesses by monitoring the health status of all of our patients on a regular basis. 
For preventative procedures including PAP smears, prostate cancer checks, skin checks, cholesterol and blood tests, our computer recall system reminds patients when their appointments or procedures are due.



Skin Checks

All of our doctors are experienced in skin/mole checks and minor surgical procedures. We use digital imaging to record lesions and moles so we can monitor them over time.


Our doctors have high quality dermatoscopes to closely examine skin lesions and they can also provide general dermatology care including management of dermatitis, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. Preventative measures can also be offered.



  • Skin Check Clinic 

We are running a Skin Check Clinic every second week at Point Lonsdale Medical Group where the doctor will undertake an extensive skin check to assess for the presence of skin cancer and sun damage, monitor any new or changing lesions, and offer management advice and treatment as required.

If suspicious lesions are detected they will either be removed in the clinic, or patients may be referred to specialists for excision.

The sooner a skin cancer is identified and treated, the better the result. Precancerous changes can be identified, photographed and managed to reduce the risk of skin cancer development. These photographs will be entered into your health history and monitored over time.

Please ring reception on 03 52580888 or BOOK ONLINE

Why should I have a Skin Check?

Sports Medicine


The doctors at Point Lonsdale Medical Group can assess and manage your musculoskeletal or sports injury issues with referral for imaging if appropriate, and to Allied Health Professionals or Sports Medicine Physicians as required.


Several of our GP’s have a special interest in sports medicine and the treatment of injuries. With associated working commitments with the Geelong Football Club and Sports Medicine Clinics, our doctors can provide extensive support for athletes.

Travel Medicine

Prior to travel it is advisable to have a medical check up with your doctor and receive personalised advice on how to reduce your risk of illness and how to prevent infectious diseases. Point Lonsdale Medical group has on-line links with up to date travel health information, to ensure you receive the most accurate information possible.
We have a wide range of travel vaccines available at the clinic, that can be purchased on the day. You may be able to claim a portion of the cost through your private health insurance cover. 

We are now a licensed Yellow Fever vaccine provider and have the vaccine available at the clinic.

Women’s Health


Women and girls make up just over half of Victoria’s population. Victorian women are living longer, but with more chronic illness and more years living with a disability. Further, their patterns of disease differ as they age, and from the disease patterns among men.

Compared with men, women have higher rates of mental, sexual and reproductive ill-health and morbidity. They also have different cancer patterns and main causes of death. Over half of women’s deaths in Victoria are from heart failure, with two thirds from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

All of our doctors provide comprehensive women's health care including breast checks, gynaecological and contraceptive advice. We also have doctors who are accredited to insert Implanon devices and provide antenatal shared care for our expectant mothers. 

  • Women's Health Clinic 

PLMG are running a Womens Health Clinic on the 2nd Saturday of every month.

This clinic will provide a full range of contraceptive advice and options, advice on menopause, reproductive health and preventative health care including pap smears and breast checks.

Please ring reception on 03 52580888 or BOOK ONLINE

Coordinated Veterans Care (CVC) Program


The CVC Program is a way for primary health care providers to assist Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold Card holders who have chronic conditions and complex health needs.


Kate, our CVC nurse, works closely with your doctor to provide on-going, planned and coordinated primary care, and can access community support to assist you at home.


In the event of a medical emergency

call the ambulance on 000