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IUD Insertions

Dr Josh Beckwith is offering IUD (intrauterine contraceptive device) services at Point Lonsdale Medical Group services using Mirena and Kyleena devices.

Patients are required to make 3 appointments.

1) An initial consultation (30 minute appointment) with Dr Josh Beckwith to discuss whether an IUD may be appropriate for you.

2) IUD insertion- This is booked on Tuesday afternoon into our procedure room with our nurse and DR Beckwith (1 hour appointment).

3) 6 week check (15 minute appointment)


The cost of an IUD insertion is $155 out of pocket.

There is no Bulk Billing for this service.

Fees may also apply for the initial consultation and the 6 week Check appointment.

Please contact reception on 5258 0888 to make an appointment.


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